Proteome Quality Index

PQI is measure of proteome quality available from a comprehensive database of downloadable proteomes. Completely sequenced genomes for which there is an available set of protein sequences (the proteome) are given a 5-star rating supported by 11 different metrics of quality.

PQI is a constantly updated web resource that currently includes over 3,200 annotated proteomes from multiple providers including all entries from NCBI and ENSEMBL, powered by the SUPERFAMILY Database

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PQI has 3213 proteomes, each with quality determined by up to 11 combined metrics. Each proteome can be downloaded to a FASTA formatted file

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Find more information on PQI, our motivation for creating it, and more information about our scoring metrics.

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Do you have data you'd like added to PQI? Upload it as a new PQI custom metric, custom metric data can be made public or private, and will appear alongside our own.

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