Custom Metric Specifications

Users wishing to add their own scores to PQI should upload them via the Upload Custom PQI Score form in PQI. Uploaded data must be in the form of a tab separated value file (TSV) with unix line endings.

Each line of the tsv file should contain 3 pieces of data. The proteome ID, indicating which proteome in PQI the scores relate to, the human readable raw score, and the rating, which is used to determine the 1-5 score.


Proteome ID

Each proteome in PQI is identified by a 2-3 letter code based on the genome codes used in the SUPERFAMILY Database. Please note that these codes are case sensitive. A list detailing each proteome can be downloaded here.

Raw Score

The raw-score indicates a human readable score to display on the site. So for example, if your data relates to a percentage, then this column should contain the percentage value.


The rating is a 0-1 fraction indicating the relative score for this proteome in comparison to the other proteomes in your uploaded data set, how this value is calculated is left up to you, read our paper for more information about how we calculated our ratings. This score is directly mapped to the PQI 1-5 star rating, this means that each 0.2 is equivilent to 1 star.

Each value in this column must be a decimal number between 0 and 1

Example TSV File

Here's a short example TSV file:

#proteome    raw_score    rating
hs    400    0.97
gg    1    0.1323235
fu    -3.493038    0.1123
f2    200    0.2